Who Puts A Baby In A Pot?

You know how Facebook puts ads on the side of your page, so that one second you mention something you’re interested in (Victoria’s Secret, Brita water filters, college educations) and the next second, there’s an ad for it popping up? They’re starting to really freak me out. And I don’t mean the blatant spying on me. I mean the fact that some of the photos that go with these ads are completely unrelated to the ads themselves. I hope.

There’s the one about how President Obama is giving away free college educations or something, and the picture that goes with it is some sort of flagrant hussy practically removing her top. Stuff like that. But the one I came across today was this:

What are you doing to that kid?! (pic from demeterclarc.com)
Holy crap, they’re boiling a baby! And they’ve dressed it up like a lobster! They’ve stuffed it into a pot! The little darling looks understandably concerned.
Know what this ad was for? No, not a school that teaches you how to cook children to their perfect texture and internal temperature.
Social work.
It was an ad to become a social worker.
And, let’s face it: if you’re putting a kid in a lobster outfit, stuffing the kid into a pot and carrying it around like you’re going to boil it until it stops screaming, and then dip it in drawn butter… you’re probably going to meet a social worker at some point in life.
So maybe the picture is related to the ad… but I’m thinking probably not.
Now, you’ll notice that, in my photo credit, I reference demeterclarc.com. That’s just one of the many, many places I found this pic in a Google image search. That means it’s hard to know where the photo came from, for sure.
I wonder if, somewhere, a social worker is trying to trace it to its origins.
Surely, someone is looking for the parents of this child…

image from sendible.co.uk

…because how can you be allowed to put a kid in a lobster costume, in a pot, on top of the stove?
Doesn’t this teach bad safety lessons? Aren’t parents always trying to get their kids to stay away from things like stoves and ovens and fire and natural gas and combinations of those things?
You know… maybe that ad does work. Because the photo is certainly making me care about the well-being of lobster-babies all over the world.
Incidentally– or related to absolutely nothing I”ve been talking about– my blogging friend over at Older Eyes has bestowed upon me another honor. I promised him I wouldn’t whine about it this time, because I truly am grateful that he’s practically my best-good blogging friend (I’m still trying to come up with a term to combine those words: blend? No… Frogger? No…) I’m now charged with the assignment of awarding the Versatile Blogger Award to 15 bloggers.  And I’m to share seven things about myself.
I don’t know that I can honestly give you 15 solid, versatile bloggers, but I’m going to give you my list:
It’s a short list, but they’re the folks I read regularly who I feel embody what it means to be versatile.
Now, seven things you probably didn’t care to know about me:
1. I’ve moved around a lot, mostly in my childhood, because my father worked for a railroad and got transferred a fair bit. That moving has helped me A) shed a decidedly unattractive accent; and 2) learn how to adjust to changes in life. I wrote my college essay about the second thing. My dad read it and felt totally awful about the whole thing. Poor guy. But it’s also made me realize the value of choosing a hometown for myself, and that’s where I am now.
2. Most of my posts are snarky, but I’m really a total sap. Sometimes the dumbest things make me choke up. Yesterday, it was President Obama’s speech in Dublin, Ireland. What? I’m half Irish.
3.  I once saved my sister’s life by performing the Heimlich Maneuver on her while my other sister ran around the stairs a few times and then poured some milk down the drain, having forgotten to get a cup to pour it into so that the choking sister could take a drink. Both those sisters have children now. I don’t.
4. I have this bizzare dichotomous personality that allows me to over-share in some situations and be intensely private in others. Which is how you end up with this list of things.
5. I harbor a secret (or, apparently, not secret) desire to become a speechwriter for a really inspiring politician. Of course, this will never happen, since there are so few really inspiring politicians. In which case, I’ll settle for writing speeches for fictional President Josiah Bartlet.
6. Nothing makes me happier than spending a day in the kitchen, cooking up yumminess and baking batches of happiness. Well… almost nothing makes me happier than that.
7. I’m fiercely loyal. And that includes loyalty to blogging friends. Flogs? Briends? Ugh. This is going to take a while.
Featured image from blog.myweddingfavors.com. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

18 thoughts on “Who Puts A Baby In A Pot?

  1. I think your headline picture just changed. While I was looking at it. While mulling over how disturbing the idea of babies in pots was. Did someone spike my Diet Dr. Pepper, or did that really happen?

    • Hmmm… I don’t know. It’s supposed to be a woman sitting with a computer on her lap and her hands out, as if to say, “I just found this picture on Google… who puts a baby in a pot?” But I think there’s something funny going on; I just scrolled through some tags (more than one) looking for my post today and never found it. I guess if the date of the Rapture can change, anything can.

  2. Oh my god, it’s TOTALLY Anne Geddes on acid. You guys are right! I have noticed some of these unrelated pictures popping up in my sidebar too. They make me laugh. But I never got lobster baby. I feel left out. Thanks for the shout out, that’s fantastic! Oh, and I vote for “Flogs”.

  3. Muri was a social worker in Rhode Island, one of the lobster capitals of the world, but I’m pretty certain she never saw anything like the lobster baby. Very interesting list of things about you, especially the dichotomous personality. You are, in fact, very difficult to pin down based on what you write. But it’s fun trying and you are indeed my favorite blogger at the moment. But then again, I’m fickle. Next week, I might be back to Sandy, the golden retriever.

  4. Hopefully there are no big brothers or sisters out there getting funny ideas about what to do with their baby siblings… They might really turn the stove on… Like the stories you hear about big sisters putting baby in the washing machine to “clean up the poop”. Shudder… not good. Silly advert.
    Thanks for the “roll of honour” shout out… does that mean I have to find 15 bloggers and share 7 bits of info? That sounds a tad like hard work…! I’ve only just started out – might take a while!
    What about Blog-pals.. as in an upgrade to pen-pals..? Actually sounds quite lame now that I’ve written it..

    • Blog-pals definitely sounds less insulting or potentially painful than what I’ve come up with thus far… You’re welcome for the shout, and you are under no obligation. Do someone a solid later on when you’ve got some time under your belt!

  5. You had me at “flagrant hussy”. I think I’m going to like it here!

    There are a couple of people that I regularly interact with, that I think of as my “blogger friends”. That’s a tough one…would a follower be a “bloggette”?

    By the way, I already follow The Good Greatsby. I’m going to have to check out a few more of your recommendations.

    • “Flagrant hussy” is one of those turns of phrase that just delights me. I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit so far! I hadn’t thought about naming blog subscribers/followers. But I bet you’ll love accidentalstepmom and NYC Oberservationalist, in particular, on that list.

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