For more than 11 years, we hadn’t talked at all. I could barely remember his face, how he walked in his suit. Now, on Valentine’s Day, here he was… murmuring words in my ear I never thought I’d hear.

“I need you.”

Oh my.

“I remember you…” his voice came low over the phone. “How much I liked you. You were strong. Solid. I wanted to keep you around.”

He had a proposal.

He wants me bad.

It’s tempting. The power I could wield. But it might all be a deception. He would keep me chained. Held tight in the grip of a ruthless and cunning affair. And I’m working toward a new relationship, one with promise. A relationship with better perks than I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Something a little more comfortable for me to slip into.

Still, the position he wants to get me into would put such ideas in people’s heads… it would spice things up, make me a little more desirable. After years of being everyone’s second choice, I could finally be the one. This position would lead to other, hotter positions.

But then there’s the other proposition. The one that rescues me right now from the bonds of a passionate, but tempestuous and mostly one-sided love that, if I’m honest, I probably should have saved myself from long ago.

But oh, this new thing… this new thing would let me crack the whip. Dominate.

And I do like being bossy.

Of course, I would be overcome. Made breathless by all that this thing would do to me, all that it would take from me. But I could save myself that way. Redeem my suffering soul. Own it before I walk away.

I won’t prostitute myself for either proposition. I have no idea what would be offered in exchange for my talents. This proposal today could yield more than the other. But I know that the john who pays more doesn’t always treat you better. I learned that the hard way.

And then there’s the new flame burning. Rick. Of course, I can’t make a life decision based on a match that’s only just been struck…

At 6:30pm on Valentine’s Day, I had two men and a woman vying for my attention, my affection, my services. Two of them would pay me. One of them might love me. Whatever I decide could change me forever. And cost me too much.

What is a girl to do?


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