I’m Gonna Need My Meds For This

OMG, you guys.

So every once in a while, Rick calls me from work to update me on something connected to the crime victim legislation we worked on together. He stays in touch with a lot of the people he used to work with, and he tries to stay on top of some of the initiatives he worked on to make sure they get done.

Anyway. A while ago, before he left the senator’s office, he told me I was nominated for a victims’ advocacy award. Which is crazy. And it was an honor just to be nominated, of course, just like the Oscars, and I would have been fine if they had Ben Afflecked the whole thing. But he called me earlier this week to tell me that not only am I in fact getting said award… I’m actually getting two.

Whaaaat? I didn’t, like, do anything. I wrote a letter. And, admittedly, persistently kept in touch with him to see what was going on with the plans to do what I’d proposed. Sure, I’m doggedly determined, but still, I didn’t do any of the actual work. He did all that.

Happily, he’s getting an award, too. There’s some sort of group award that they’re giving out this year, and he’s getting it because he made this happen, even though he doesn’t work for the senator anymore. And I’m sooo glad, because he deserves it more than anyone does. So much more that, before I found out he was getting one, I actually thought about giving him mine.

But it would have my name on it, and I thought scratching it out with a nail and etching his name in there instead would be too… obvious.

So yeah, apparently two awards for just, I don’t know, being outraged, and the governor is going to be there to give them to me or something. It’s a governor’s award thing. I don’t know if the governor actually hands me the awards. But the governor will be attending. I’m told.

So then, yesterday, Rick calls me again from work. I know he’s going to have something to tell me about the victims’ advocacy efforts or about the potential job I may or may not get (second interview is Tuesday) at the university where he now works, because he’s calling from the office phone and he won’t use that for personal calls. So he tells me, “I have even more good news for you.”


“I just talked to Ann, and not only are you getting two awards at the luncheon, but you have also been invited to be a guest speaker.”

To which I responded with all of the eloquence that has convinced these people that I deserve such things: “Holy crap!” And found myself otherwise speechless entirely. Which bodes well for this event. I mean, Rick and Ann and some state senators have heard me speak before, because I testified to a state senate committee in favor of the bill. But I also just had an argument with my cat. In Cat. So let’s not get too complimentary.

“Yeah, you’re kind of a celebrity down there. She’s sending you a letter about it, but I wanted to tell you,” Rick said. Which is the same thing he had said two days before, when he called to tell me about the awards. I think he likes to hear my reactions to these things. And it’s good that he tells me, because I just closed my PO box and started having whatever mail was still going there forwarded to my house, and I don’t think Ann has my new address. And I feel like I can’t really call her and say, “I hear you’re giving me awards and adulations. Here’s my new address so you can tell me all about it.”

So now I’m trying to figure out a few things, like what to wear, and what to do about work that day since I thought initially Rick said it was from 11am to 2pm but the website I found says it’s from 12:30pm – 3:30pm and I would definitely be really, really late to work at that point. And then I remember that if I get the job at the university, I might not even be working at work anymore. So problem solved! Except not, because then that would probably be my first week at the new job and I don’t want to miss a day in my first week at work and–

“You’re getting. Two awards. From the governor,” Rick reminded me. “It’s a state school. I think they’ll be okay with it.”

Oh. Right. Huh. Okay, then.

And also I’m trying to figure out what to say in this speech I’m giving. I’m currently obsessed about knowing my audience. I believe it’s people who work in victims’ rights for the state, some political types, and crime victims. But I don’t know the percentages, or how many people will be there, or if anybody else will be there.

My mom wanted to come.

I told her no because I’m too old for my mommy and daddy to come to a thing where I get an award.

She said, “Okay, then don’t complain when you see other people’s parents there.”


“I think the president’s parents came when he–”

Oh, Jesus. Seriously?

“Mom, first of all, that is a terrible analogy in that I’m not becoming President of the United States. And secondly, the president’s parents are dead.”

“That’s true,” she conceded. Though to which part, I’m not sure.

She wonders why I don’t tell her things.

So anyway, I feel like eventually the speech is going to be the easy part. Clearly I’m a writer. The harder part will be stuff like pretending not to be dating Rick and finding something to wear and not falling down.

Oh, these people have no idea what they’ve done.

27 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Need My Meds For This

  1. Holy crap indeed! Congratulations. Why don’t you ask Rick if it would be appropriate for your mother to go? These things are really big deals to parents. I won a lifetime achievement award (surprise) and my mother happened (unplanned) to be there because she was visiting me from out of town. She talked about the moment my name was called until the day she died. Just saying …

    • Is it fair for me to say that, in my gut, I just don’t want my parents there? I know that’s terrible, but it doesn’t feel right. This stalker thing does still work on me, and having them in court the day I was supposed to testify was difficult. I know that this is a salve for all of that, but it just doesn’t feel right for me.

      What did you get a lifetime achievement award for? That’s so exciting!

      • And I realize, by the way, how selfish I sound. It’s not just about me; I understand things being important to parents. That’s actually why I told them when the hearings were, so they could fly up from Florida (where they lived at the time) – I knew they needed to be there. But this feels different.

      • Of course it’s ok for you to say. It’s your award and your feelings. Me? It was an ad industry award — my career as a writer and creative director. Let me assure you, the fact I’m still standing and fairly coherent is an achievement in and of itself. Enjoy your day in the spotlight. Sounds like it is well deserved.

  2. Congrats…that is pretty incredible…I once got a trophy for participation in Little League…but it didn’t have my name on it or anything…lol…seriously, have a great time and act like you get awards all the time…be encouraged!

    • I’m still working toward deserving it. I feel like it got paid forward somehow. Things definitely seem to have turned lately, don’t they? I’m having trouble trusting it all.

  3. First, congratulations on your award! It is rightly deserved. Second, I just had to let you know that the line, “But I also just had an argument with my cat. In Cat!” Is one of the funniest things I’ve read in awhile. There was literal LOLing.

  4. Congratulations. I’m sure you are more deserving than you admit. Being dogged in the face of bureaucracy deserves an award in and of itself, in my opinion. As your resident old guy reader … bring the Mom.

    • Thank you. But I assure you – if you believe in something and it’s a common sense, inexpensive approach that benefits everyone and hurts no one, you will be amazed at how many people in government want to help. It’s inspiring. There were frustrations, sure, but it was worth it.

      And ugh… I really am not in a good place with the Mom Thing. (Dad, of course, will want to come too. I feel like they don’t realize this is a three hour deal in a state where they don’t live, involving people they don’t know, and only 6.5 minutes of it will involve me in any way.)

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  6. OK – I’ve been sick and in my own little world, so apologies for the delay. CONGRATS. That’s awesome! Also – did I read this correctly? You took the new job with the university? How have I not seen a post about THAT? Congratulations! It sounds like everything is turning up roses in 2013!

  7. This, coupled with my own blog entry this week, is pointing to the likelihood that I would no longer score 100% on reading comprehension. Perhaps I need some medicine for ADHD so I can fully focus on what I’m reading?

    • Nah. I have that problem a lot, too, and I’m coming to believe that it’s because I have to read too much tripe in my professional life. Let’s go with that theory for you, too.

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