I’m not dead. I just had a tetanus shot.

So I keep forgetting to write things.

It’s not because I don’t have anything to write about. It’s just that I get all caught up in other things and forget to write a blog post.

Does this happen to you guys?

Alright, so I’m writing this with my left arm hanging semi-limply at my side because grad school made it hurt. Apparently you can work on a college campus all fine and dandy, but if you want to set foot in a classroom (for more than seven class periods), you have to go to the health center to prove that which you’ve known since 1978 (I’m immune to measles, mumps and rubella – but since my pediatrician has been dead for lo, these many years because he was 102 when I was four and I’m now 36, and since he didn’t sign my immunization record, I have to have blood drawn to make sure) and also to  get the “Adult TDaP,” which was previously known as the DPT and which I also had plenty of when I was little. T, as you might guess, stands for tetanus and also Time To Lose the Use of Your Arm Because OW.

My second tetanus shot in eight freaking months. I’d rather have actual tetanus.

At least this time I remembered I had to have it in my left arm. I can’t sleep on my left side thanks to my jacked up cervical spine, and back in February, when I tried to hack my finger off with a steak knife, I let them give me the tetanus shot in my right arm, like a dumbass. After I got it again yesterday, a lot of things got kind of hurty, like my very bottom rear right side rib, my eyeballs, my neck, my head and something in my chestal region.

Some of that might have been a hangover from a pretty epic weekend. But mostly I think it was the shot.

In case some of you are wondering: I’ve had to draw a line with The Colombian. You might recall that, a month ago, he tried to beso me and then we had a conversation about how he “technically” still had a girlfriend and that probably wasn’t a good thing for her or me. Yesterday he invited himself over for Monday Night Football again, and as he was getting ready to leave, I asked him about the situation.

“Suuuuu…” he started.

“No,” I said. “Do you have a girlfriend or not?”

“We haffen’ talked aboud it,” he said. “We jes don’t see each ahther mush now. I habben’ seen her in…” (he thinks) “…nine dayce.”

“So you still have a girlfriend. You haven’t broken up.”


“So why are you here?” I asked gently, with a smile.

“Because I want to be here,” he smiled a bit shamefully.


“Javier,” I said with a sweet smile to belie my Bullshit Meter’s reading. “You can’t ask me to hang out one-on-one if you haven’t ended it with her.”

“Okay,” he said, standing up, seeming embarrassed.

“it’s not fair,” I smiled up at him, head tilted, hair tumbling over my shoulder. “Right?”

“Okay,” he said.

“I don’t know what to do with it,” I said as he hugged me goodbye.



Trying to apply lessons learned. It sucks. But I know I’m right. I’m totally right. No me gusta, but fish or cut bait, amigo.



15 thoughts on “I’m not dead. I just had a tetanus shot.

  1. Good for you, good for you, good for you!!! Why would you have to have a second tetanus shot in 8 months? Shouldn’t you have been covered from the first one? I had to have one when I went to India — my doctor told me it lasted 10 years. As for forgetting about blogging, it’s weird that you’re bringing it up. For a year I blogged every single day. That was my goal. When the year was up I decided I needed a wee rest but I fully intended to blog at minimum once a week. I kept forgetting as well. And suddenly I’d realize 10 days or 2 weeks had gone by and I hadn’t been near my blog. So then I wrote a blog post where I committed to write once a week and post every Tuesday. Guess what. I’m not forgetting. Guess I need a contract.

    • Apparently, you can’t get a diptheria or pertussis immunization as an adult without the tetanus immunization mixed in. I don’t know when you went to India, but medical conventional wisdom (in the US) now says tetanus shots last five years. (It did used to be ten.) So, even though my immunization from eight months ago still covers me, I learned that you can get another tetanus shot as soon as 30 days later without harm if required. I needed, according to the state, because I’m a student, an updated adult version of diptheria and pertussis. Tetanus was a freebie.

      I don’t know that I could adhere to my own contract… but it’s great that you do! I really just need to appreciate a better sense of the passage of time.

      • I went to India in 2008. Funny, tetanus doesn’t include pertussis here. You’d think it would be the same but clearly it’s not.

      • It doesn’t include it here, either, but adult pertussis includes tetanus. Basically, as an adult (over the age of 25), in order to get diptheria and pertussis boosters, you have to also get the tetanus. It’s a bundled vaccine, essentially. So you can get tetanus by itself (which I did, in February), but you cannot get diptheria and/or pertussis without tetanus getting thrown in there.

  2. Everything that Fransiweinstein just said: yeah. I used to write daily, but now – I *start* a lot of posts, then wander off to do other things and never get back to them. And I, too, was wondering why your previous tetanus shot didn’t cover you now. And finally… good job with Javier. Sounds like a smart, sane approach.

    • See my reply to her for the response about the tetanus shot (my arm still hurts, FYI. AND there’s a bruise. Wah.) And thank you for backing me up re: Javier. I keep having moments of wondering what will happen now, but the answer is: doesn’t matter. No mas til it’s ended. End it and maybe there will be mas.

  3. Good girl. I know that was hard, but good for you for resisting the charms of that Columbian man. Why won’t he just break up with the girlfriend? Oh yeah, that’s right . . . he’s a man and wants it both ways. Nope. Not happening, senor. Hasta Luego!

    And I hate it when my eyeballs hurt. Damn shots! Of whichever kind you happened to be experiencing. 😉

    • Thank you. I’d like to believe that he believes the relationship is over and just doesn’t want to hurt her, but that’s really an excuse for not wanting to have the difficult conversation. Men never want to have the difficult conversation. Gracias para the espanol!

      I swear, the eyeball pain was from the shot. The only thing that might have been from the hangover was the headache, but that had gone away and then came back after the shot. Suspicious, si?

  4. Very pleased to hear you’re not dead. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such reactions to a TDaP. I had one last year but I don’t remember why. I think I was having my Senior Physical and the good doctor was catching me up on everything. Regarding the Columbian, I’d proceed very cautiously if at all. If he does that to “her,” you could be next. Of course, if you listen to me, you’re taking dating advice from a man that hasn’t dated (anyone but his wife) in fifty years. Hmm.

    • As I understand it, the reaction to the TDaP is the same as that to the regular tetanus shot. My arm got really sore after the last tetanus shot, too.

      Yes, you and I are thinking similarly about The Colombian. I almost said that to him but decided not to sound so accusatory without knowing anything about where things are between them and why. It has recently come to my attention that men respond to that which is required of them, and if explanations are not required, they’re not given. Maybe that has something to do with it – I’ve certainly realized that, while there’s no excuse for cowardice, sometimes it’s been my fault for not holding a man accountable. (This goes back to the conversation about niceness we had on your blog.)

  5. Funny – on a serious topic – as seems to be your genre. I had a similar reaction to the flu shot recently. There was a big, sore lump (eek, tumor?) and it hurt to sleep on that side. The body seems to get all worked up over foreign antigens, and if you’ve already had an exposure (i.e., the disease or an immunization) then the reaction may be very intense early on.
    And congrats on drawing the line with Javier. Guys with girlfriends seem to be your nemesis; maybe you’re finally conquering that! 😉
    And I never mind when someone doesn’t blog regularly. Indeed, if you’re very busy with other stuff, you won’t have the time to write something thoughtful, interesting and/or informative. I only skim most blogs of bloggy friends who post more than once a week. Usually not much meat or juice there.
    I, too, have been been VERY busy since early summer and have really slacked off on blogging. BUT, I now have a book out (part of why I’ve been so busy). If you’re interested, I can send the link.

    • Sorry to hear you had a bout with the shot! I’ve had friends say they got sick after getting it. I know that’s not supposed to be true, but I personally have never had the flu shot, so I have to believe them. Hope the sore arm was your only side effect and that it works as it should for the flu season!

      You’ve hit close to something with your observation: Javier is the only guy I’ve been interested in who had a girlfriend at the time (which I usually guard strongly against, but which, as you’ve seen, was unclear when the interest hatched), but Rick did end our relationship to go back to his ex, Jack did abandon our relationship for someone else, another boyfriend cheated and two more have gotten engaged or married less than a year after our relationship ended. I think some of that is a product of our ages, but sometimes I do feel like I’m doing something wrong. I haven’t always been strong enough in the past in demanding accountability. That’s changed now.

      Do send the link to your book! Congratulations!

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