Chemistry and Reading

My heart is still beating, more or less in reliable fashion, and I don’t have Lyme Disease. Or any other disease found in a CBC, chem panel, iron/ferritin and two other types of blood tests I can’t really remember now. I’m fine, except for the daily calf swelling. In case anyone wondered, in my absence, what might be causing my absence. Really it’s just grad school + life. But huzzah! My final is tomorrow, and then I have six glorious weeks of nothing academic to do! I feel sure I will fritter them away in a not-at-all useful manner. Which will be awesome. 

I cheated and started early tonight when I sandwiched an Arbonne party between two chapters about political interest groups.  Are you guys familiar with Arbonne? You know, the skincare line that charges you $600 for six bottles of stuff measuring between one and four ounces? Sheeeiiit. I thought my Aveeno Positively Ageless was pricey! 

But there was sangria, so all’s well that ends well.

The Arbonne rep is a neighbor, so one never wants to alienate. Fortunately, she’s the no-pressure type, or so it seems. And that’s good, because don’t ask me to slather six layers of product on my very persnickety face and then ask me to buy something on the spot. I have to see who I’m going to look like tomorrow. Could be Hilary Duff… could be Muammar Qaddafi. Hard to say. And since I’ve just slathered six layers of stuff onto my face, it will also be difficult to determine exactly what caused the conversion.

PS I’m broke, I have two classes to sign up for, and my property taxes just went up 46 percent. Oh! And do you know how much a Holter monitor costs? Here’s a hint: $16,000.

Of course I don’t pay that. Apparently they write the whole thing off or something. Health care. Who understands it?

Now, during these upcoming Six Glorious Weeks, I plan to read some stuff for fun. This will be the only fun stuff I will get to read all year. As you may have noticed, this could include blogs. So, without shamelessly promoting your own book, please leave recommendations in the comments section, provided by our lovely WP hosts. Fiction, but no sci fi or bodice rippers, please. I’d love for it to be something I can’t put down… especially since I might need to hide my face. 



10 thoughts on “Chemistry and Reading

  1. Funny, I was wondering where you were just last night. And here you are. Glad to hear you’re fine. Enjoy your six weeks of fun!

    • Here I am! At the beginning of six weeks of still working full-time and doing all my other grown-up things, but not having class or homework! It’s so funny how quickly you feel indoctrinated to academia and then liberated by the temporary reprieve.

  2. Ok, here’s the thing . . . you can’t do a post about having major health issues and then disappear for a month. Nope, not ok. I mean, technically, I know where you live so if I was so inclined, I guess I could have driven by to check for a malodorous aroma coming from your abode, but I’m not always that proactive, so maybe next time just check in with an “I’m alive” post there in the interim, mmkay? AND because I sort of just realized that I do in fact have your address (AND your real name . . . MWAHAHA!), I additionally just remembered to ask if your friend enjoyed the book you gave her (that you won on my site as a giveaway), what was probably like last year? Yeah, I’m all up on things, as you can tell.

    Anyway, enjoy your glorious time off. Relax, nap, read. Whatever you want to do. I’ll be silently hating you over here because I get none of that at any point ever. But, you know, have fun! :p

    • Yeah. You forgot I existed, didn’t you?

      My friend LOVED her book. She got a lot of booze for her birthday, including from me, but the book had the most character of any gift and was the most unique. Thanks!

      But don’t be mistaken – I am still doing everything I do all the time for the next six weeks. The only thing I’m not doing is homework and class. Which is incredibly nice.

  3. Good to read you again. Have you read “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union”? It’s wonderfully written, particularly if you’re familiar with a little Yiddish, and has a fascinating premise … instead of the Jews settling in Israel after the war, they end up in Alaska.

  4. Glad your ticker is fine – though I find mystery symptoms to be extra annoying. Sometimes I think I’d rather have a diagnosis rather than shrug. (But careful what you wish for, right?)

    As for reading recommendations:
    “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry,” by Gabrielle Zavin – it’s perhaps a bit cliche and a little sweet, but as a reader, I tend to like books set in book stores and libraries.

    That reminds me, have you ever read “Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon? If not, I highly recommend it – it’s centered around books, set in Spain, and has just the right amount of dark mystery to it.

    Enjoy the down time!

    • Well, I have a diagnosis for the heart. It’s the swelling for which I do not. Though I think I might have figured it out on my own. Which was free. 😉

      Thanks for the reading recommendations! I have neither read either book.

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