All the cells

I write for a living. Not as a writer-writer, but my job requires a great deal of writing. Sadly, most of it is not fun. — Enter blog —

This endeavor is mostly a writing exercise for me, but it’s lovely when other people read it and comment on it. In fact, I kind ofย get excited when I hear from people. And I find I might get new ideas from comments, so please feel free, so long as you’re not spamming me or telling me you think I suck.

(I do accept constructive criticism.)

I learned to read when I was four, and I remember my first deep, profound thought coming at the age of six. No, really, I do. I was looking out the front window of my house, thinking about the fact that my family was moving, and how sad I felt that I would be “far away” from the people I knew. Cue navel-gazing. I was pretty much screwedย  set from then on. This blog will not focus on any one topic, unless you count my random musings as a topic. I can never predict what a day’s writing or thinking will bring. Sometimes it will be funny. (I hope.) Sometimes it will be serious and intense. Like me.

I am deliberately anonymous, but I will be connected, so if you care to comment on anything, I will read and reply. If you must know for purposes of perspective, I am a woman, I am happy if sardonic, and I live Somewhere On The Eastern Seaboard.

What you read is who I am. I hope you like me.

22 thoughts on “All the cells

  1. What do you mean, Comments Off (on your latest post!!!!). Here I am with stimulating stories of similar experiences and comments are off? Jeez.

    Feel free to delete this but I couldn’t think of any other way to give you a hard time.

    • I don’t know what happened! I didn’t turn the comments off. I’ve followed the instructions for how to enable them, but those instructions get a little foggy after they say “go to the individual blog, edit it, find the discussion module” (apparently you’re on your own here) “and change the settings.” But feel free to share your common stories either here or on another one of my entries. Maybe I have to call Dubai and find out what happened.

      • Well, this is embarrassing. My computer won’t allow me to actually comment on your last post—Isn’t It Romantic? for some odd reason. So I’m commenting here to say that I really, really like your writing and the topic here. Sometimes I just want to yell at Hollywood, “You’ve got it all wrong! It NEVER happens this way!” What world do you live in?

        Also, speaking of rain…. Once, I was walking across my college’s campus when literally out of nowhere a rainstorm blew up that was so ferocious that I was literally soaked in about five seconds. It lasted for the span of about two minutes, and then vanished, leaving blue sky behind and no trace of itself. Classes let out right then, so everyone was staring at me, wondering undoubtedly how in the world I’d gotten so completely drenched. Not cool, rain, not cool.

      • Strange. I once had the WordPress decide randomly to turn off my comment section, but that doesn’t seem to be happening today. Oh well… I’m glad you found a place to leave your comment! Thanks! And thank you for the compliments. Very sorry to hear about your rainstorm, there. Definitely uncool. You got punk’d.

  2. Hi there. Really enjoy your blog, as you must have figured out by now. I comment fairly often. Anyhoo, a fellow blogger has nominated me for The Inspiring Blogger Award. I, in turn, am nominating you. It is the subject of my post tomorrow (December 24). Rather than use up a lot of precious space here, with the rules, you can see them tomorrow, on my blog. Consider this an early Christmas present ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. BINGO! Most of my keystrokes formulate “do this” “don’t do that”, so I feel your pain. Not condoning or judging your deliberately anonymous mantra – stand up, reveal yourself and join us boring folks and be counted! Nevertheless, tolerance of ideas is something I sprinkle about daily, so do as you wish! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Marcelino… thanks – I’ll stay anonymous for very specific reasons: I write what I want to write, which could hurt or offend people I love… and I could lose my job. So I shan’t be known by name!

  4. HI single,
    I followed you over here from Peg’s. But I am a new follower, not a stalker. I too write for a living but not exactly fun stuff. That’s why I blog. So glad to get to know you!

  5. I am a new follower and sent you a reply that I hope you received. I also commented on your latest entry (Bloody Sunday). I too, do a lot of writing for a living, and like you, it’s marketing and PR writing and like you, would to release my creative side. I love to write. You have inspired me to perhaps start my own blog but am debating which type of blog to write, having many subject groups I’m considering that don’t go together. Question…. how do you get followers and get noticed? I happened to find your blog by accident while googling Weird Al having plastic surgery. Huh?

    • Hi Judy… I have to be honest: I didn’t actually TRY to get followers. That’s why I only have a few more than 300 after 2.5 years of blogging. (I cherish them, though.) The way WordPress works, if you post and then tag your post with certain keywords (which you can see on the Tag categories), you’re automatically filtered into that category so that, if someone is looking to read humor blogs, for instance, and I tag a post as humor, it automatically goes to that subject so that people who want to find “Something funny” can stumble on to your blog.

      A lot of the reason people find my blog when they google things like you did is the photos. I used to include a fair number of photos in my posts. Now I do that much less, but it can help drive things.

      I say if you want to start a blog… do it! When you’ve read a good bit of mine, you’ll see that I don’t have a “type” and I don’t worry about subjects going together. Everyone’s got a right to their approach, so if you feel strongly that you want it organized that way, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s nothing wrong with being random, either!

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